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*Domestic Red Team Deployments are booked through August 2020

Our Red Team Assessment objective is to fully assault your organization and collect as much information possible about its vulnerabilities.  Unlike some of our competitors we hold no punches when it comes to our testing. Doing so would be a disservice to our customers. Why? Because the bad actors out there are not going to have any boundaries.  They are quite literally going to do whatever it takes to achieve their objective. This test is not for the timid.

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Encyphr red teams are comprised of between 5 to 7 people. Each one specializes in a specific area of expertise. Together they make one of the most formidable threats that an organization will ever experience. It’s the real-world operation that exposes what simulation never can. Quite frankly, a lot of organizations are not ready for a Red Team Assessment.  They are not comfortable with the thought of having their company and staff attacked and scrutinized. However, when contemplating whether or not to use our services, be aware that the bad guys out there don’t care one iota about your comfort. Then have solace knowing that when remediation of open vectors occur, the likelihood of a bad actors/groups breaching your security are greatly mitigated.

Please download our Red Team Assessment service brochure for full details.