Pentesting Single Test

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The Shield Plan is conducted one (1) time. Limited to one (1) single IP.  The network perimeter of a company is the ‘wall’ which isolates the internal network from the outside world. However, because the outside world needs to access various resources of the company (ex. the website), the network perimeter exposes some network services (ex. FTP, VPN, DNS, HTTP and others).

Encyphr maps all the services exposed on the network perimeter and detect if they are affected by vulnerabilities.

Additional Addons Available

Select an amount. 5 additional IPs maximum.


Encyphr performs one of the most advanced vulnerability scans, which is able to actively detect thousands of vulnerabilities in network services such as: SMTP, DNS, VPN, SSH, RDP, VNC, HTTP and many more. Our principle method conducts vulnerability detection by connecting to each network service and sending crafted packets in order to make them respond in certain ways. Depending on the response, we conclude if the service is vulnerable or not.

Please download our FREE Pentesting Overview Document for full specifications and details.

More than one test can be purchased at a time for different IPs, or deployment at a later date.